“Grandfathering” is a normal and accepted practice within emerging healthcare and wellness fields as they move towards greater professionalization by establishing practitioner credentials such as certification. Grandfathering is a way to ensure that the pioneers in the field who have studied and practiced for many years are recognized for their effort, time, practice and expertise; this is typically done by exempting them from certain requirements for becoming credentialed, such as taking a certification exam. Once certified, these grandfathered practitioners are expected to meet the same requirements for ongoing certification as other practitioners; these requirements typically include such things as continuing education in the professional field. 

NAMA Grandfathering Process

The following is NAMA's outline on how the grandfathering process will be for its new certification credential.

  • NAMA members in good standing who have met all qualifications within the applicable NAMA professional membership category will be grandfathered into the certification of their specific category on the date that the certification exam is officially implemented.
  • No further grandfathering opportunities will be available after the date of the official exam is in place. Anyone wishing to become certified following the implementation of the exam will be required to take the exam.
  • Practitioners who are grandfathered into the NAMA certification without having to take the exam will, however, still need to meet all of the NAMA Certification Board requirements for ongoing certification, including completion of continuing education and payment of fees.