How to Maintain Certification

All NAMACB certifications must be maintained through continuing education. As a CAHC or CAP you must complete a total of 30 hrs of continuing education every 2 years. Hour requirements are as followed:

All professional are on the same 2-year cycle. The current 2018-2019 cycle runs from January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2019. Please see the below options on how you can fulfill your continuing education requirements.


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  • How to view your earned credits 07:25

  • How to find ethics quiz 11:02

  • How to find the PACE Listing 13:33

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  • How to submit PACE Credit 21:04

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How to Obtain Continuing Credits

NAMA Ethics Quiz: NAMA requires each practitioner to take the NAMA ethics quiz every 2 years. This quiz counts for 2 Pace Credits. Passing score of 80% is required. 
2018/2019 Ethics Quiz 2016/2017 Ethics Quiz →

Free Seminars in Ayurveda: NAMA offers its members free seminars in Ayurveda each month. These classes are archived and available to members at any point.

NAMA PACE Listings: Earn credit for completing recommended PACE listings offered directly by NAMA PACE Providers. Find PACE Listings Here →

Non-Listed Topics in Ayurveda Courses: Earn credits for completing any non-listed course in Ayurveda, such as practice management, client support, therapies, cooking, research, etc.

Non-Listed Topics in Wellness Courses: Earn up to 30% of required credits for completing non-listed course in topics outside Ayurveda, such as yoga, Western Herbalism, Chinese Medicine, CPR, etc.

Ayurvedic Teacher: You may earn up to 15 PACE credits for teaching professional programs. Basic "Introduction to Ayurveda" types of courses do NOT count for teaching credit. Course must be taught within the same time period as the PACE cycle you are earning credits for.

Attend NAMA Annual Conference: Professional Members can earn 15 credits for attending the full conference, plus 5 credits for each Friday practicum. See conference overview →

Ayurvedic Publisher: You may earn up to 15 PACE credits for publishing a TIA type of article in a peer-reviewed journal.

NAMA is the acting manager for the NAMACB continuing education process. Please submit your credits through the NAMA PACE program.

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